Terms and Conditions

The following Terms refer to the Online Content Editing Services offered by Storylines. Using this editing service, the Customer agrees to be bound to the rules (terms and conditions) listed on this website. The listing of these rules on the Web Site replaces the signature on a contract, which implies that Storylines has accepted these rules as a legally binding agreement between itself and the Customer. The Customers agreement to the terms on the invoice are binding when Storylines receives the Customers payment. When the rules (terms and conditions) are updated or changed on the website, they will immediately become effective for all subsequent project requests.

The customers documents are to the sole and exclusive intellectual property of the Customer. Storylines will not have legal ownership in whole or in part of these documents.  Ninety(90) days after project has been delivered to the customer, all copies of the Customers documents will be deleted from Storylines computer system unless specific customer authorization is given.

Disclaimer and Promise
Storylines disclaims all implied warranties. Storylines agrees that its content editing service will be performed to the best of its ability to satisfy the customer. Customers must use this site and services offered at their own risk.

Storylines be not be held responsible to the customer or to any third party, who are claiming incidental, special, exemplary, consequential, or other indirect damages.

The Customer agrees that Storylines will not be held responsible for any late deliveries because of technical problems such as: spam filters, firewalls, incorrect email. The customer is responsible to resolve these issues and stay in touch with Storylines.

Once Storylines receives payment for the project, the monies are non-refundable. If a Customer is not satisfied with Storylines service, the Customer needs to contact Storylines within twenty (20) days after project delivery. Storylines will make every attempt to rectify the problem. If it cannot be resolved, Storylines will either give a credit note for the amount in question, or a full refund, whatever the customer requests.

Refusal of Services
Storylines has the right to accept or deny any customer without explanation.