About Storylines

Storylines is a Social Purpose Business(SPB) offering writing services and programs with the goal to promote capturing personal life stories. They also offer fiction writing workshops and content editing services.

Storylines delivers innovative senior-based programs for community organizations.

For the past 16 years, Storylines has offered intergenerational consulting and facilitation of their Bridging the Gap Intergenerational Memoir based programs. These programs bring together seniors who are well, frail or have dementia working with elementary and high school students from the community to exchange ideas, share life experiences and capture the seniors life stories using different media.

Storylines seeks partnerships and projects in the social, health, education and community services sector to improve the quality of life for the young and old in order to address ageism, stereotypes, senior isolation, and improves generational sensitivity, relationships, inclusivity respect and personal value for all.

Licensing and training of the programs is also available for continued delivery and program sustainability.