Content Editing & Coaching

Content editing or substantive editing focuses on a documents concept and intended use, content, organization, design, consistency, story effectiveness and cohesion, reader engagement and writing style.

Substantive editing (or content editing, or comprehensive editing) is almost entirely analysis-based, whether at the document or the paragraph level. Subjective decisions and judgement are applied.

Copy editing, on the other hand is rules-based and focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, word consistency and usage. Both kinds of edits are needed, each of them focuses on different elements of the document.

Storylines ONLY provides Content Editing.
Email your stories or writing pieces for a line by line review and written feedback as appropriate.
It does not include copy-editing i.e. grammar and word consistency checking.

Cost: $75 per hr and reduced to $65 after 7 hours on a project or written piece.

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Writing Coaching - From Idea to Manuscript

Do you have challenges with starting and stopping – no, not in your car, but with your writing projects?
Do you suffer from blank page syndrome? Or having bits and pieces done, but not an overall plan or motivation to continue?
Is it all too easy for you to stop, as there are just too many other things in life vying for your time?

If you are not able to attend regular writing classes, then a personal writing coach/instructor may be what you are looking for.

Storylines offers writing coaching services to assist you with your writing projects. The projects can be as small as a single story, or a completed memoir or novel.

Storylines helps you organize your ideas, follow a step-by-step process, and provides you with someone to be accountable to. We also provides individual writing exercises and lessons appropriate on what needs to be improved, learned, improved or practiced. And best of all we encourage, reassure and cheer you on!

If you are serious about developing or igniting your writing potential, Storylines offers support from initial idea to manuscript completion including:
- idea generation
- writing prompts
- lessons/exercises on style and techniques: dialogue, character, plot, descriptions...
- structural process relating to your project
- accountability
- content editing (as described above)
- guidance, reinforcement, and inspiration

This one-on-one coaching can be done, over the phone, on-line via the software zoom, or in-person

Content Editing Cost: $75 per hour
Writing Coaching Cost: $85 per hour

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