The Amazing Labyrinth

Instilling Meaning into Everyday Moments

It is essential to create the time and focus around activities to add meaning and enjoyment to everyday living. The Amazing Labyrinth, the online business, now offers products that help you sloooow down, re-group and enrich your daily life.

The first product offered are handheld finger labyrinths. 

Labyrinths are spiritual tools at least four thousand years old used to achieve a state of quiet, calm and openness.

It is NOT a maze with dead ends, but a set path to the centre and back. Handheld labyrinths are replicas of the original designs that can instantly refocus a stressed mind.

Hand-held labyrinths can be used to start and end your day, for meditation warm-ups, to treat insomnia, in schools or at home, to provide quiet moments and reflection, or as
inspiration for creativity. 

In short, the labyrinths are the perfect tool to bring you back to the present moment anytime, anyplace!

Email your request for a 6 or 8 inch labyrinth

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