Junior Program Testimonials

Senior Partners:

'I would encourage everyone to participate in this kind of program as it is not only fun, but the children are quite amazed at the different things we did and how we lived.' St. John Brebeuf Erin.

'The program is really time well spent to enjoy our young people.' John Black P.S. - Fergus

'Students were very respectful and good listeners.' Aberfoyle P.S. - Aberfoyle

'I just loved my album, the students did so much work on it.' Eramosa P.S. - Eramosa

'I would like to continue to see or meet my student group, perhaps at their graduation.' JD Hogarth P.S. - Fergus


'Interesting stories: war years, a new perspective on life, grateful for current situation.' Gr 8

'Heard different ideas about life and what was important.' Gr 7

'Liked when the seniors brought in pictures and mememtos - brings story to life.' Gr 8

'The album was a lot of work, but is was worth it and I was proud of it.' Gr 6

'Liked seeing the senior's face light up when we read the story.' Gr 8