Junior Intergenerational Program

Bridging the Gap is a program that brings together grade school students with the seniors of the community in order for them to share personal life experiences with each other. The purpose of Intergenerational Program is to foster cooperation, understanding and friendship between the generations.

Some students may not have an appreciation of the many lives lived in their own community. How did these seniors manage and survive? What was school like back then? Were they in the war? Who were important people in their lives? Conversely, many seniors may not have any personal connection with the youth of the area.

Upper grade school students (grades 6-8), and seniors share and compare stories from the past and the present. The students will be responsible to co-operatively write out questions, interview and write the stories for their senior partner.

At the end of the program, a collection of stories, in the form of a booklet, would be presented to each senior partner.

- to form meaningful relationships between seniors and students of the community
- to provide insight and knowledge to students about individuals who have experienced life and historical events of the past
- to encourage students to utilize this process with their own grandparents and family

Train the Trainer Programs are Available
Storylines provides training workshops to facilitate your own Bridging the Gap Intergenerational program. All resource materials are supplied.

On-Site Delivery
Storylines provides an 8-week on-site delivery of the Bridging the Gap Intergenerational  Program.

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