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Personal Life Stories

Autobiographies and memoir stories are written to encourage the sharing and understanding of information, wisdom and knowledge about family, business, culture and oneself.

Storylines provides memoir writing programs, creative writing workshops, and online courses. All courses focus on improving your writing skills, documenting your personal stories and enjoying the writing process!

Writing about your own life experiences, or recording family histories or stories challenges the mind and gives a sense of belonging and life purpose for both the teller and recorder. The process of recalling and sharing stories promotes personal growth, respect and self-worth.
These autobiographies will become family treasures that can be passed down through the generations - a gift that will last forever!

Intergenerational Programs
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About Storylines

Storylines is an organization that promotes personal self-worth and community appreciation of individual life stories and experiences.

Storylines brings knowledge, passion and sensitivity to all their programs and writing courses.

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